Choose the best tools for your project and guarantee successful, problem-free implementation.


To improve process efficiency, technology must adapt to your business.

We have for many years been identifying and evaluating technology for law firms and legal departments and supporting them in implementation to ensure success.

The right technology is essential to having data, metrics, statistics and analysis to inform decision-making that is sounder and better aligned with the business strategy.

Development of technology ecosystem and strategy.

Identification, evaluation and selection of providers.

Managing technology implementation projects.

Process re-design.

Provider management.

Success story: Adoption of ERP


The firm needed a management platform (ERP) to bring together its document management tools and its other existing projects.


LOIS advised on the choice of the most suitable tool and oversaw project implementation, with review of internal processes and managing the providers and overseeing achievement of metrics.


The benefits of implementing ERP included the availability of reporting (financials, matters and clients), automation of money-laundering checks and conflict checking and making time-recording more straightforward.


Firm of more than 100 lawyers in Spain.

Type of Project

Adoption of ERP.


One partner, a systems expert and a communications consultant from LOIS with a multidisciplinary team from within the firm.


9 months.


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