Legal Design


Graphic design principles applied to contracts and business legal documents.


Design can increase the engagement of clients and business partners with your legal documents.

Documents that incorporate Legal Design are easier to understand and inspire more confidence in the recipients.

Legal departments and law firms can provide their clients and business partners contracts and documents that are just as rigorous but with style and content appropriate to each set of circumstances.

Re-design commonly used contracts such as NDAs.

Re-design of business proposals.

Creation of suites of legal documents incorporating Legal Design.

Advice to improve communication using Legal Design.

Re-design of presentations and reports.

Success story: Re-design of an NDA


The legal department produced a large number of NDAs each year for the different business units in the company. The challenge was to design several model NDAs with a visual format and choice of language appropriate to the business.


We followed Legal Design principles to reduce the number of pages and group material dealing with the same theme using icons, geometric shapes and distinctive colours.


The time to read each contract was reduced by more than a third, the legal language was easier to understand and the confidence of the other departments was enhanced.


Legal department of a service provider.

Type of Project

Redesign of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)


One partner, one graphic designer from LOIS, one lawyer from the firm and business teams from the company.


Two months


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