Legal Talent


Giving people responsibility for bringing about change is the only way to transform the culture of an organisation.


We apply tried and tested proprietary people-focused methods to ensure successful change management.

We oversee projects using communication combined with the use of proprietary technology (Compelex©) to identify and empower talent and develop natural leadership.

The dynamics of the training that we provide reduce resistance to change and accelerate the adoption of new ways of acting.

Change management.

Capability assessment.

Career plans in law firms and legal departments.

Training in digital and management skills.

Internal communication.

Success story: Change management


The challenge was to involve from the beginning the entire team of the legal department, manage resistance to change and successfully implement new technology.


We assessed the digital capabilities of the team, designed specific actions for each digital profile and carried out activities to co-create solutions.


We successfully achieved a positive attitude to the project, the active participation of the teams and the adoption of new processes and tools.


Legal department of a Trade Union.

Type of Project

Digital transformation of the department.


One partner, one systems expert and one communications consultant from LOIS and the management of the legal department.


12 months.


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