Legal Strategy


Your strategy determines the market positioning of your firm and the positioning of a legal department within the company and prioritises your goals and resources.


Strategy must respond to external challenges and internal capabilities.

It’s easy to devise a strategy. But devising a flexible strategy that marries growth and the investment of limited resources, however, requires specialist knowledge.

Each law firm and legal department is unique and at LOIS we make sure we understand the specific characteristics of each one so as to build the optimal strategy on the basis of those characteristics.

Organogram and governance of a legal department.

Determining and applying KPIs and reporting models.

International expansion, mergers and integration of firms.

Business model, partnership and remuneration models.

Strategic brand positioning.

Success story: Devising the strategy for a legal department


The challenge was to align the legal department with the company’s vision, to introduce industry best practice and provide services that helped the business units to achieve their objectives.


LOIS reconfigured the organisational structure, identified a series of drivers reflective of the business and drew up a roadmap with prioritised actions and milestones.


We successfully generated a business-oriented culture, created a Legal Operations team and made three technological innovations to objectively improve workflows and interworking between the legal department and its business partners.


Equipment and solutions business (IBEX).

Type of project

Determination of the strategy of the legal department.


Two partners and two technical consultants.


Two months.


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