Legal Operations

Legal Operations

Legal Operations are aimed at integrated, coordinated management of all the activities of a firm or consultancy.


Legal Operations in support of the profitability of law firms and the efficiency of in-house teams.

The management of a firm or in-house legal team has to take account of the whole value chain: knowledge generation, incorporation of knowledge in documents and the provision of service to the client or business partners.

Legal Operations offers tools to organise, evaluate and improve each activity without forgetting the big picture.

Assessment of the maturity of Legal Operations.

Creation and evaluation of Legal Operations teams.

Review and optimisation of costs and provider approval.

Determination of KPIs and reporting systems.

Digital transformation.

Success story: Development and implementation of KPIs


The legal department needed to develop and adopt a suite of performance indicators to measure their work, improve inefficient processes and report to the Board of Directors.


LOIS evaluated the types and volumes of work carried out by the department and drew up a list of categorised indicators for the work of the department and its impact on the business.


The application of the KPIs helped in the implementation of new technology, improved contract management by 20% and improved operational leverage.


Legal department of an international food company.

Type of Project

Description of a KPI grid.


Two partners, the legal department team and other business departments.


3 months.


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