Legal Innovation


Implement a culture that supports incremental and disruptive innovation alike and becomes truly differential.


You can rely on our Design Thinking workshops to come up with creative solutions to new challenges.

Involving the whole firm in the challenges that the market presents through processes of creative thinking is the best way to mobilise talent and generate practical solutions.

The ideas thrown up by these processes often originate plans and innovation laboratories that in-house legal departments and law firms eventually adopt.

Design Thinking.

Agile methodologies.

Innovation plans.

Innovation Labs.

Success story: Creation of a startup within a firm


The firm wanted to identify options to diversify its revenue and increase turnover.


Our team prepared and led a Design Thinking workshop where the teams developed solutions to meet the challenge.


We delivered a document to the firm that set out the conclusions of the workshop and one of the ideas suggested – the creation of a startup under a different brand to provide repeat tax services – was chosen. Today that startup is an established business.


Specialist tax law firm (50 lawyers).

Type of Project

Generación de ideas para impulsar el crecimiento del negocio.


Two partners and all members of the Firm.


1 months.


Tell us about what you want to do. We will draw on our experience and drive to make it happen.