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How can technology and innovation help in-house lawyers?

Technology is a powerful ally for in-house lawyers. If well sized, it allows automation of processes, data analysis and improved efficiency, i.e., doing more with less. Innovation in legal departments consists in finding solutions linked to the growth of the business.

The following is a recording of the webinar we did with Marta Planta, Head of Innovation and General Secretary of FC Barcelona, where we discussed how the combination of innovation and technology can take in-house legal teams to a different level.


Can the value of the legal function be measured? Indicators, KPIs and reporting.

In-house lawyers have become true managers and have to be capable of submitting quantitative reports of the value of the legal function and find KPIs for continuous improvement of both processes and in teams.

In this webinar recorded with Teresa Mínguez, General Counsel at Porsche Ibérica, we discussed what technology is available in the market and the obstacles to measurement.


What is the role of Legal Operations? What value do they bring to legal departments? What qualifications and experience are needed?

Legal Operations refers to the set of activities that make-up the management of legal departments and help to optimise and streamline processes, the management of people and the search for performance metrics. Legal Operations requires a wide combination of capabilities including strategic planning, financial management, supplier manager, technology expertise and analysis of legal data.

The recording of the webinar below contains a wide-ranging debate with Gloria Sánchez, Head of Legal for Technology & Digital at Banco Santander around the skills and functions involved in Legal Operations.




Legal Operations in practice

For General Counsel and Heads of Legal Departments.

In this workshop, led by international consultant Marc Cohen, we reviewed the most important aspects of Legal Operations with a single objective in mind: to make the legal department a centre of value integrated with the business.


Contract Lifecycle Management and KPIs

For General Counsel, Heads of Legal Departments and in-house lawyers with project management roles.

The aim of this workshop was essentially to examine technology for integrated contract management: Providers, NDAs, Know Your Client, R&D, and sharing best practice among the in-house teams who attended the workshop.